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****, he's not saying dps>all. it's just you guys looking at the damage and saying OH DAMAGE MEANS EVERYTHING JUST LIKE YUKI WHEN WE FIRST SAW HER WE NEED TO NERF HER.

just because something has more dps DOESN'T MEAN IT WINS. jesus christ. sure, a sniper/or whatever weapon might have high dps. but what if it never hit at all (or the person using it sucks), then obviously you can't even apply that dps.

let's have a crude example: tia vs krieg. tia can never get in. krieg has okay/awesome dps (if he xformed). krieg keeps tia out forever while krieg is dpsing tia. tia cannot apply dps. tia loses.

or it's the other way around where tia basically OHKOs krieg

yes obviously an infinite is better than dps because the opponent can't do shit.

?????over an extremely long period of time wouldn't infinites have really high dps??????

****ing christ, you people don't need to be all "this isn't a a point and click game jajajaja we don't need those terms"

though I don't see people applying dps to pvp. people usually talk about how to beat other character's gimmicks (no one ever talks about pvp anyways) but I guess you could say something like...

"throughout the match, tia has the highest dps (since even when backstab is on cooldown those other skills hurt a buttload)."

"when the target is frozen, sieg has the highest dps (iron hammer)."

"at long range, krieg/dainn has the highest dps."

in pvp terms, people will say something like, "oh, you can moonbind with eir, and have sieg IH"
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