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Originally Posted by JellyRollMorton
I never tried maxed shiny shung in myth tho. But according to ur dmg in myth, shiny shung isn't worth it there. That is because in forest of moon, a group consists of 5 monsters. So the max foes u can hit with it is 5. 5*300=1500 every 2 secs. Dps is then 750. But i personally perfered rb traps if you want to do non-xform build. just put the trap after someone vokes to the wall and then afk for 11 secs, and cast it again until they are dead. Isn't that comfortable?
Wouldn't the Damage be more than just 5*300 because it can hit multiple times? From my experience (before I rebirthed) Normal shiny shung can be fired from a relatively safe distance and hit at the least 3-5 times on, say, the Kirin for example, depending on whether or not the thing decides to move, and more times if you can throw it in at point blank. Rb shung will hit more times, but for less damage per hit.

Based on the mobs in Fatten's vid, I would think a tightly mobbed group of enemies would net quite a few hits. Sure, Rb sticky jellies are better, but using it in conjunction with Shungs would probably be even greater damage during that time interval because they, like the jellies, don't require you to sit there while it does its thing. You can probably fire off another one before the first one ends too :O

This be speculation tho, and I'm still wishing to try this, but I lost my motivation to get to 70
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