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Originally Posted by WhatThePhuc
pvp has alot to do with dps
especially if you know your opponent's exact hp lol
using dps calculation, u can plan out combo(s) and use the one(s) with the highest dps obviously
for example, dacy using aa autostep repeatedly for 20 seconds probably does more dps than say, using thunder candy against a tia in a 1v1 match (which in my experience usually does 0 dps)
figuring out what does more dps than what in different timeframes helps u plan your strategies

for myth and str bonuses, that's actually where dps calculation is very important
my dacy with only 1k str does more dps than my wiz, who has 2k str
but because most players don't know how to calculate dps, they think that more str = more dps, which is not always the case
if they actually took the time to figure out their dps, they'd realize that str is not the only thing that determines dps in myth
Ok, for PvP I can tell you that any infinite > DPS calculation.
The fact that you can chain so long with whatever you have makes DPS calculation really fail.
Sure you can use it for the beginning non-decay combos.
I mean if you really say it makes such a big difference then show them numbers.
Face it Lunia is dead get a reality check please.