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Originally Posted by Lunar
N> dps is just (N> attacker) even the website mentions that.. "a damage dealer" and omg from an mmorpg community
N> high dps means.. high damager meaning yuki, extremely high lvl chars... etc
N> DPS Class!
xAznMariah "I'm a dps!" (can in fact, outdamage most yukis with her amazing comboing skillz)
Gtfo you're an Eir! Eirs aren't dps! Go away!
ColdShine "I'll go!" (for sake of arguement, plays worse than mariah and does less damage than mariah would have)
^Thats what I'm afraid of.
People using false DPS measures to compare characters.
(Actually, you can see that happening even today, as people put "N>Yuki" in their title, believing that a Yuki will outdamage any other class no matter how good they are because "Yuki's DPS is higher")