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Originally Posted by k0n
You work at a food restaurant too Mavs?
Yeah. It's called Mr. Burger. It's a small local chain. We charge too much. $2.10 for a hamburger.

Couple weeks ago we had a lady come in that didn't speak English, at all. I guess her family or someone gave her a list and told her to look for the sign with the giant burger on it. Only problem was that the list was definitely for Burger King and we couldn't explain this to her. So, we made our equivalent of the stuff on the list and sent her on her way. Not much else we could do.

Edit: The worst part is we have an open grill so the customers order to the cooks directly. It makes it a pain because there's nothing to reference, we just have to make everything by memory. Oh! And everything there is super old. If you work the register you have to have basic math skills since you have to figure out change on your own. Not a problem for me *Gloats*, but some people.... Ugh. lol

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