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Oh, Sorry, I thought Lunia was more on the Arcade/Action/Fighting side. Not the Traditional MMORPG WOW WAR AION ZOMGWTFBBQ side.

Let's say a Sieg vs a Tia.

The Tia uses a backstab combo 3 times without the Sieg landing a hit (and wins, needless to say).
Now, is that Tia's dps X00 while the Sieg's dps is 0?
No? How wouldn't that be accurate? The Sieg can never do any damage against the Tia? According to the dps, that's quite correct.
Because, in Lunia, you don't need to dodge and search for openings and deciding when it's safe to attack and combo. Nonono. Leave that stuff to the Action Arcade junk. We won't have any of that here!

That's like saying a Sniper's dps is X00 while a pistol's is 0 because 2 players fought it out and the sniper 1hit him without a scratch.
...Using the term DPS in a FPS.... haha silly.

But yes, You CAN have dps in Lunia. If it's against a scarecrow LOL.

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