Thread: [PvP] CT, Kick , or AOW
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Default CT, Kick , or AOW

I'm having trouble deciding whether to max High Kick, Arrow of Wind, or Calling Thunder.
High Kick deals a lot of damage at lvl 10 it does 261-291damage. It works well with rage, gives a little height. Mp consuming if i spam it every 7sec. Decay damage reduce if I use it on a combo twice :[
Arrow Of Wind: lvl 10 does 270-301damage per hit. Sometimes can miss the 3rd shot, When the 3 arrows are aim correctly it deals about 900damage or more. Works well with rage. Again decay reduces the damage of it. 15sec cd. Not too long nor short.
Calling Thunder: Deals about 200-250 damage at lvl 9. Doesn't work with rage. I can combo with it. Great for ct and fragment combo. Long cd. Can't work well with rage D:
High Kick Build:Lunia Skill Calculator(JP)
Arrow Of Wind Build:Lunia Skill Calculator(JP)
Calling Thunder Build: Lunia Skill Calculator(JP)