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Originally Posted by Miiffer
My deepest apologies for being so inactive since April, it is not only my lost of interest in Trix but also I'm being tied down by Pre-College nonsense. Apparently my class is filled with nothing but Gangster wanna-bes and China peeps. No racism here but they're extremely hard to get along with; all i got were stares and ignorance from them during my orientation.On top of that, I'm pretty exhausted with all these nonsense running up to me for the past two weeks, i had endless messages to reply and requests to help which were just minor crap any kid could have solved -.-" , well my club activites as well(I'm taking 2, what a dumbass aren't I.)

I probably will be able to get on during weekdays which i rarely find anyone on at all... =/
Really sorry guys/girls/gentlemen/ladies/babies/grannies/grandpas/failures? Ok lol jk for that, I'm still a failed bunneh 8D.

TAKE CARE ALL OF YOU T_T /misses everyone.
Hey u can find me on weekdays =)