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Seems like you have narcissistic issues. Being the FIRST to do something is apparently something very important to you. Furthermore, you are so preoccupied with your own adequacy in comparison to other players.

Sounds pretty childish... and ironically you demean other players by referring to them as 'kid' many times.

The community in Lunia is very small. I'm sure if you didn't throw yourself into self-centered monologues, people might appreciate what you do instead of having to see you praise yourself and consequently believe you are just insecure and overly preoccupied with your need for public admiration.

Nobody cares if someone did it first. Life is about learning. Just as OP learned about it, other people will learn about it too. Is it so crucial to discover the pioneer of a tactic or a method? Especially something this trivial? No.

Maybe to you though, because as I said in the beginning of my post, you have narcissistic issues. Grow up please.