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Jeneral is your worst nightmare!Jeneral is your worst nightmare!Jeneral is your worst nightmare!

Okay so the other day I saw a sieg use Mdef against rigel and I was like omg that sieg is freakin' creative!
Must be like the ultimate sieg! I never seen Mdef used like that against a boss wow! He definitely must be the first to ever use it like that!


Anyways, plenty of other people use it, shiroyoshi, jellyrollwhateverguy, str8, b0wling, almost every korean stage lime etc. Most of these guys probably did it before me and fatten haha. I just found out about it by testing RB skills in PF then after I got to level 59 with it at closed mines I used a skill reset to get rid of this disgusting skill since it's useless for me cause I'm a PvPer. Pretty story <3
Point is don't give credit to fatten for doing such a simplistic thing.

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Originally Posted by Allea
Well...Limes are almost like Siegs, who are underestimated because of DPS and all that. That being said, we do need more pro limes because I never partied with any Lime in myth before (except with one but I disconnected).

Limes are very rare these days, especially in myth and even more rare than Eirs.
Check the lime rankings. Only 27 limes are above level 70 and about half of them are playing ariens/other characters. Eir rankings show at least 5 pages of eirs above level 74 lmao. Common sense shows that obviously limes are RARE in myth.

No one asked you, anyway. If you can do something better, then, by all means, do it.
Nobody asked him to post pictures of a lime comboing with RB jellies either. I actually do things better, all the time.


I'm such a baddie I flame everyone for pointing out obvious things! Or maybe I'm a super troll.

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