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My deepest apologies for being so inactive since April, it is not only my lost of interest in Trix but also I'm being tied down by Pre-College nonsense. Apparently my class is filled with nothing but Gangster wanna-bes and China peeps. No racism here but they're extremely hard to get along with; all i got were stares and ignorance from them during my orientation.On top of that, I'm pretty exhausted with all these nonsense running up to me for the past two weeks, i had endless messages to reply and requests to help which were just minor crap any kid could have solved -.-" , well my club activites as well(I'm taking 2, what a dumbass aren't I.)

I probably will be able to get on during weekdays which i rarely find anyone on at all... =/
Really sorry guys/girls/gentlemen/ladies/babies/grannies/grandpas/failures? Ok lol jk for that, I'm still a failed bunneh 8D.

TAKE CARE ALL OF YOU T_T /misses everyone.