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Originally Posted by Seim
@Wolf I think the KR players isn't as strong as you guys think... In terms of exchanging crossfire in midrange, I parred pretty even with them though they do dodge in a different way than what I've seen and learned in the TW server. In the KR server, they emphasize using Q and E to dodge side ways in mid air...but I find that it doesn't really help... I use, like many TW players, a sudden difference in elevation on ur second jump and also air movement as you go down. I might try adapting to the KR version of dodging again...
Well, I don't disagree with u, but when u get into expert channel to PvP, you will probably notice a difference. They are able to dodge and survive much better due to experience, plus, they are able use cash to purchase S ranks and operators, this gives them an advantage over us who cant buy. Also there are even tricks to use certain MS. But I'm not saying that we suck a lot against them, we can also pwn them when we have the right MS. It's just that it's easier for them to have all the strong, cheap suit, when it will takes us longer to make them.
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