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I lag when I play the korean server and the population is pretty low...even at supposedly peak hours...
I'm sure SD Gundam TW will update....but just very and painfully slow

I do agree that Seed was decent but didnt have the umph of the gundam spirit. Destiny was just a total rerun of Seed with another ending and more characters...basically just for the die hard Seed fans = =....
Endless waltz was confusing yes...but if u watched the whole series about 3 times, you'd get it totally =) Yes..I've watched whole series three times...Though it's so confusing that I only remember the gist of the plot now.
MS IGLOO is by far the best set of series that the gundam franchise ever produced. It's totally got the feel of gundam and its really hard to find any faults in it =)

@Wolf I think the KR players aren't as strong as you guys think... In terms of exchanging crossfire in midrange, I parred pretty even with them though they do dodge in a different way than what I've seen and learned in the TW server. In the KR server, they emphasize using Q and E to dodge side ways in mid air...but I find that it doesn't really help... I use, like many TW players, a sudden difference in elevation on ur second jump and also air movement as you go down. I might try adapting to the KR version of dodging again...
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