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Originally Posted by oomgomfg
imo, this post is more offensive than Jeneral's. Not sure if Jeneral was even offensive in the first place.
Yes. I ***** about everything and comment on things -- all for the sake that I'm showing that I'm supposed to I AM, in fact, better than all the other people. /sarcasm
If my tone of writing offends you, I apologize. I just always have that acidity in my writing.

Originally Posted by oomgomfg
That aside, I think its just Limes that does more than transforming and spitting random slimes aren't very common, so people often get impressed by the simplest things.
More often, the trivial of things are the ones that get overlooked. Like I said, Miinus was merely pointing out that this trivial thing is something a LOT of limes overlook.
Jeneral didn't have to go into how she's "always" done it, because the last time I partied with her, I don't remember seeing "this."

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