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Originally Posted by fLinty
Miinus is merely pointing out that Fatten's use of his Lime skills iscreative. He's just showing others (who may not have thought about it) that those are some things that Limes can do to add to their usefulness outside of transform.

And what is it with you anyway? If you have a comment that won't contribute to anyone, then just keep it to yourself. No one asked you, anyway. If you can do something better, then, by all means, do it. Otherwise, there is no need really to be all b*tchy in this thread.

imo, this post is more offensive than Jeneral's. Not sure if Jeneral was even offensive in the first place.

Originally Posted by Minuss
Lol? Your talking like your all pro. Your simply doing this because you for some reason dislike Fatten.
That aside, I think its just Limes that does more than transforming and spitting random slimes aren't very common, so people often get impressed by the simplest things.