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Just so you know about this little thing, it doesn't work on vista without a fix. MWFRE wont run on vista. I haven't used this simulator in awhile so ... This is by memory

If on Vista,

Download MWFRE and place it in ~as this is easiest for most~ C:\~ Double click local disk~ Place MWFRE.dll in there run CMD as Administrator and type in C:\MWFRE.dll the program will run then. Just trying too click it and run it through the folder, will not work, an error will occur, too use it on Vista Run the instructions. In easier more clear instructions

1 - Download MWFRE
2 - Place MWFRE in C:\ folder by going too Computer - Local disk
3 - Run CMD under Admin
4 - After opening CMD type in C:\mwfre.dll
5 - Go have Simulator fun!

I reinstalled it too make sure I was right, only error I came across was that one time I did it was the program could no be used, reboot and try again, shouldn't happen though. Not at all <3.