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IGN: KoarseKrimson/DawningBlue
Class: Shaman/Archer
Level: 1/1,1/1
Guild: Meido Brigade

I got quite a few black crow (lvl30-32) torsos and gloves I gotta get rid of. I was spam farming dungeon 4-2 lol:
(Torsos will go for 420k and gloves 350k. I checked the market, these sets get real expensive sometimes.)(May get more in future)
Raven Black Crow torso and gloves
Aisha Black Crow torso
Rena Black Crow gloves
Elsword Black Crow torso and gloves

Elsword lvl 34 weapon (+0) (Negotiable price)
+2317 basic attack
+1913 magic attack
natural bonuses: (I used the alchemy guide as my translator)
(1% chance to critical 1.5)
(2% Increases speed of movement/after attack delay)
(3% Movement Speed)
(3% unknown, I'll check it up. maybe attack speed)
Added Bonuses: (subject to change, by you or me :P)
(3% movement speed)
(+6 attack)
(1% chance to evade)

A good level 40 Rena weapon. Preferred to have 3000+ damage for both basic and magic attack. If elemented it is preferred to have Dark or Wind.
If no one buys that devil tail Zashi, I will take it after this spam farm trip with the evil power rangers at 4-4. (they look like them I swear) My event fox tail is almost up. :P

(Anyone here in their lvl 40's? When I hit 40 I was hoping someone would help with the last mission because dam it's long and real hard.)

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