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Shall we start another wave of iLaTale sigs made by meh?

Will make:
-iLaTale: V 1st ~ V 3rd gen, newer gen will come later when more requests come in.
-possible a new series aside from iLaTale. (something like Vidoll's sig work)
Will make sigs upon request and when I have the time to make them.
Requirements: must be active, or going to be active on this guild forum. (this pertains to new and old members, everyone)

Members who already have a sig from me: you guys can request an update to your sig, upgrade, etc.
Here are some current examples of the sigs i make:

Bonus: Guild members who actively get on our Vent server along with forum activeness, you may request additional things to put on the sig.
Note: Sigs will be created on a "first come first serve" basis. Please be patient after you request. I will do the sigs when I can.

Note: Please follow request format, that was posted on the very top of the thread(my 1st post i think). Or, look at other people's requests as an example to follow.

If ya liked me sigs, please remember to post a thankyou message. Ciel4(Azu) kitty will be very happy.

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