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Default 4114 Pure AP buffalo (Hybrid)

Hello,This guide is for a pure AP,4114(Like most buffalo's).I've never made a guide so if you have any suggestions let me know in game.PM my character Link500,Im on most of the time so it will be easy to contact me.
And dont you dare put copyright this and use it! Or else!(idk what or else,maybe ill take the last cookie in your cookie jar,now thats evil)
A 4114 pure AP buff is what alot of buffs on trickster have

---Pros and cons---
1.High damage for easy kills.
2.Plenty of HP to survive.
3.High accuracy.

1.Low weight so you cant carry many potions.
2.Poor crits (Note:If you want lots of crits,I suggest adding some LK here and there but not too much.)
3.Low MD,You will have to watch out for magic skills.Especially AR(Arrow rush)

~~~1st job:fighter~~~
This is where you first start as a buffalo in trickster on the little ship.I remember when I was a fighter *Daydreams*

~~Skills for 1st job~~
Get them in this order.I MIGHT add upper smash in the near future since I would have to if I added uppercut and counter punch

Notes:Shockwave(idk why i had shockvibe) is very useful with the skill faint.Which you dont get till 2nd job though.Even as a 3rd job I still use shockwave till this moment.

Notes:This increases AC,Just like pumping heart the more you got,the more it increases.

Burning rave-Lv.10
Notes:Burning rave is useful.It takes little MP and less cooldown but does less damage.

Notes:This skill is optinal because it really depends if you fight bosses alot.If you do,this is useful because it will lower accuracy of ANY boss that uses physical attacks alot.(Example:Captian Skull)In PvP or GvG this is a lion/Gunner foxes worst nightmare.Their gun power will lower by a considerable amount.

Pumping heart-Lv.10/Mastered
Notes:I still use this skill as 3rd job as many 3rd job buffalo's do.My character,Link500,has it at lv.10 but thats just because of my lazyness.It increases AP,the more AP the more it increases.

Hyper beat-Lv.10
Notes:Hyper beat decreases DX(Too all you who have never really played,or are really new,I didnt say noob )Decreasing DX is good.

~~~2nd job:Warrior~~~
This is where you start to see high damage.This is also the painfulist job out of 1st,2nd,3rd.

2nd job skills:

Faint-Passive skill
This is a MUST have.I cant express how important this skill is.It goes along with the skill shockwave.This will also have the faint glitch on don guivanni(Probally the hardest person the beat in the whole game)So it removes alot of pain trying to kill him.A freind of mine is at lv.111 and still hasnt beaten him.(I love you marie )

Berserker(Thanks for seplling correction)-Lv.10
Notes:This skill is also very important in PvM.And one on one in battlefield of the duelists in PvP.It increases AP by ALOT.I used this skill to defeat the leavthians at 3rd job trials.The 2 downsides are: Dont use this in a situation where you have like 100 HP or 60 MP because it decreases both of those things by 20 while you are under the bresker state,Once you get to 20 or below MP it will stop automatically.The 2nd downside is you cant control where you go or what you attack.I used it one time in PvP and acidently killed someone I didnt want to kill.I left PvP for like a week.Still get killed by him.

Pierceing Wave-Master
Notes:I use this at PvP at a surprise attack.Its very powerful and deadly in PvP,GvG,PvM.Get this to master ASAP.This is also one of the few long range power type skills I know of(Im only lv.163 so I wouldnt know all of them)

Aura of haste-Lv.1(Or higher)
Notes:I only got this skill to lv.1 just so I could learn blazing strike.This skill decreases DX of you and nearby party members.

Earthquake blade-Lv.10
Notes:This is a AoE skill(Area of effect)This gets very fun to use in mobs in PvM and PvP,Im not in many GvG's so I really wouldnt know.

Blazing strike-Lv.10
Notes:This skill looks very cool in my opinion,But is deady when used in the right way.If other people/monsters are nearby they will be hit,And ofcourse the monster you clicked on will be hit regardless.

~~~~3rd job:Mercenary~~~~
Congratulations!It took me 2 years to get to mercenary!You are 3rd job and this is something I like to call it.When your name flashes in the chat box.I like to call it your "Glory moment".I MIGHT add uppercut and counter punch in near future but im not sure yet.

~~~3rd job skills~~~
(Optional)Dash-Lv.1(You cant level this skill but it doesnt add any stats)
Notes:The reason its optional is because it really doesnt do anything but make you sprint to the place of where you clicked.Its bascally just for showing off.A freind recommended it to me and I love it (Still love you marie)

Quad punch-Lv.10
Notes:This does 4 powerful hits.The damage is very strong as well.This is a lower version of terta punch.

Notes:The reason this is lv.9 and not lv.10 is because 9 is the same as 10 so your pretty muc wasteing TM.This blocks a certain amount of hits.Which is very useful in PvP and GvG.

Terta punch-Mastered
Notes:This is the pwner form of quad punch.VERY powerful and VERY deadly.

I will add more in the near future but first I need to get those skills XD

So cya

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