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IGN: Strikey
Guild: no need guild i am gud playr

In-Game Name: LastSymphony
Date(s) of Absence(s): Forever/ Very Long Time
Reason(s)?: Trickster just doesn't interest me anymore, done everything that could be done, thats pretty much the reason why im almost never on.

I've realized how inactive i've become so i guess its finally time for me to quit. Even though i havent been in the guild for long time, i've enjoyed my stay at Symphony and i thank you for prolonging my stay on Trickster. Sorry about not noticing my inactiveness earlier and feel free to kick out my lion for more space. i'll always be on msn so if you need to ask me for anything, feel free to talk to me there. You can find my email address in my profile here on MOG. Thanks for the company guys and i hope the guild continues to grow.

PS: i may be back when the other patch of character boxes come out but im guessing that wont be here for several months. That new Azhi is looking pretty good. Anyways, see ya all.

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