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For Eir and Dainn, its obviously, spam AAS/SSA and all your crap at him and do not try to chase him when he tries to run (usually when they are at low HP)otherwise he'll bait you into random dash A/damn dropkicks when you try to chase him.

Dacy - Play like you normally would except that you should nevar try to AA unless you are very close and you are at his back. Wari is obvious and very effective like other chars. Catchvee is a bit useless since he keeps moving around and his roll attacks will miss. Veni = Krieg runs and spams (Since his spam ability is horrible other than those couple of area attacks that can be blocked by invince frames use this oppurtinity to do a combo) or that the Krieg will try to attack you normally and Veni be a distraction so you can attack him more easily since some of his focus will be on the teddy bear. Pandano = rocks because of his AoE attack but take care of it or its gonna die doing nothing.