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I'm probably to blame a bit. I baw'd some about FS Eirs and...hoo-ey. That was nasty.

But yeah, as other people have said, it's a skill-based game that requires other people. MMORPGs aren't known for requiring much twitch-based skill, nor are people in general known for being good at anything, or even being decent human beings. ('cause cynics and pessimists and misanthropes are always right ALWAYS) Given all that, you're gonna wind up with a lot of people dying left and right. The 'losing' side continues to piggyback and blame stuff on healers, while the 'winning' side retaliates by being elitist and telling everyone how they can beat Baphomet with their lone pinky. Everyone knows the effectiveness of saying "you suck" when it comes to improving someone. Most here are the elitists, because arrogance and snobbishness is so much more bearable than someone biting the dust against Daru.

So people get frustrated at public parties and get siphoned off by this or that guild. All the good players go in their little cliques and leave everyone else to rot. That's one of the reasons I'm backing off from Lunia; it's simply too complex a game for its intended (or at least, obtained) audience.
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