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Originally Posted by Lendisa
Just a few pointers. ;-;

This is untrue if you are going to be a Soulmaster. Blessings require [Elemental] Shield level 5.

I could go more in-depth if you want. But I'm slightly distracted to add more right now.

Very useful guide, which covers over all the builds. 8D
Good work. <3

Thanks for the help I think I'll start editing now, with that new Techi revo in place.

Personally, I really don't like the blessings. They just inflict a fraction of the damage you received on the monster. It doesn't really help much unless you're being mobbed to death. When a sheep can actually get the blessings, they -probably- can already OHKO anything to death.

I lied. Dun listen to me.
I've found that blessings are pretty fun in a mobby area with low-level monsters, so... yeah
I'll eat your face.

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