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Default Fighting against krieg

Universal Stuff

Automatic S counter
If you see Krieg using dark purple fog that launches almost everytime you try to attack him, it's either he has fast reflexes, or using a move that has the Krieg input the S button. For example, let's take AS. The game says "Check AS=one hammer swing, and a spin that hits twice and can move in any direction." But, if you hit him, it will also say "Check S, !also! Krieg has been hit=dark purple fog. A S S S S also moves krieg and gives that automatic S counter, but he will only be able to move within one straight line.

His normal S button just makes him puff his chest and turn invincible. He loses damage in ticks when performing this (1/16th HP per tick).

The Dark Purple Fog
This move can be a bit annoying since Krieg can execute it any time he's being hit, but there are drawbacks to it.

-Krieg loses 1/10hp

-You have to be extremely close to get launched

-Hitting him in the back/side won't get you countered (he can change direction)

-Attacks that launch will not be countered

Most of the time, Krieg will counter dash as because it moves you very close to him. But instead of dash asing, you can just cancel into kicking, flying fang, cold blue dragon, dodge, or something else.

Krieg's ridiculously huge range
One thing to keep in mind is that you cannot fight Krieg just like everyone else. You can do that AA stuff to an extent with other characters. Playing around with aa and and dash asing when you hit won't work all the time, you'll get countered. Most of the time, you can't even hit him with aa anyways, because his melee is extremely large. He has such a variety of melee attacks to choose from, though he gets tied up in close range. All of his melee attacks are skill cancelable.

Space: A little kick. This move cancels any melee attack, and can be dash canceled backwards only. Acting as Krieg's down attack, except he cannot force people to stand up.

AA: Giant range and width, the longest and widest in lunia. Slow compared to all characters. Moves him forward a bit. The last A has enormous hit stun. It will feel like you've been hit with Yuki's Ice Arrows. Dash cancelable.

AAA: Just like AA, except this moves him forward quite a bit. Dash cancelable.

AAAA: Just like AAA, except the last hit makes Krieg jump in the air. The width is large, but if he misses, he's open for a long time.

AS: Probably the fastest of his melee attacks. Whacks with one hammer, and then spins, dragging his two hammers with him. The spin hits twice, but it's dash cancelable from the first hit. It has less range than AA, but the width is still there. Pressing a direction before S will move him in that direction, so it can be used to move and attack very easily. Has automatic S counter.

AASSS: The first two hits are like a normal AA, but he'll start doing short whacks, and then spin around. The spin can be moved around, and dash cancelable. The spin also hurts the most out of his melee attacks, and hits twice.

AAAS: Acts like AAA, but the S part makes him put his two hammers together like a propeller, though he can be interrupted. This hits four times, and launches. Can be canceled with S (and that can be dashed out of).

Dash A: A shoulder ram. The length and width resemble eir's normal melee. Charges him forward. Backdash cancelable. Pressing A will follow up with the "propeller spin", and pressing a after that makes him melee. If Krieg presses an arrow key, he will make the spin hit four times. Unaffected by speed.

Dash ASSSSSSS: A long chain of shoulder rams. These can be dashed out of a bit slowly in any direction (not instantly). If krieg keeps pressing S, he will keep doing a shoulder ram. Unaffected by speed. Has automatic S counter

Dash S: A drop kick. Launches him a quarter to a half distance of City Arena. Has two hits, second hit knocks back quite a bit. If Krieg hits, he can press A or S to get up with his hammers. It resembles his down attack (with the invincibility and can be dashed out of), but this has very large range, and does a hand of earth type pushback. If Krieg does not hit, he will lie down on the ground for a short bit. The lying down part acts like play dead, except he can't choose when to get up, he'll always get up. If Krieg Dash Ses away to escape, chase him and time your attack so it'll smack him when he gets up. This will be affected by speed, so if he's slowed, he travels a pitiful distance. If sped up on the other hand...

So Krieg has quite the list of melee attacks, and they all sound useful. The trick to beating his melee is actually to stay out of it, or get extremely close to him.

Big means slow
Krieg is slow, and big. His hitbox (the area where he can be hit) is actually larger than every other characters, and that's not a good thing for him. Though some people might see his skills and see that they move him a large distance. Krieg is slow in starting up his moves. His safest invincible move, Fire Crush, doesn't get invincibility instantly. Disturbance has it instantly, but if you're close enough, he's very, very open. People can do stupid stuff to Krieg since his melee is so slow. Since most people fight in balanced, he will be forced to counter, which hurts just as much as a combo. In free, this may or may not be the case, depending on how much HP Krieg has.

This move is really decieving. It's basically krieg's dash A, with an effect added to it. Only difference is, the width is freaking enormous. Also, Super Strength can be a bit decieving too. It's the move that charges Krieg forward, and blasts you into the air. It has very unexpected witdh. Both seem to have invincibilty for a short period, but it needs to be clarified.

I feel like whenever I'm fighting on Krieg, the start of the match is really important to me. If I don't keep them away, or they land something on me, it's gonna go downhill. So what Krieg really wants to do is keep you away.

Krieg's transform. Krieg's clothes rip off, except for his pants, and a dark aura surrounds him.

The start up is quick enough to get out on occasion, but still slow enough to get interrupted. At max, the transform will last for 45 seconds (!), and the damage will be increased by 240% (!!!!!!!!). But most people would stay at the 66 range, so it's only 35 seconds, with 229% damage. Krieg basically turns into a different character, since alot of his move properties are changed.

Krieg can switch dash directions instantly. Anything that launches with Krieg, now launches you to the moon. Krieg can't S counter, so people can melee him to death at the wall, if they get there. The only way he can use his invincibility is if he does AAAS or dash AA, and holds S. The first tick hurts like hell, but the rest of the ticks hit for so little, that Krieg can stay invinicible for the whole duration. Krieg can cancel AASSS at any time, and the spin hurts like hell. AS is converted into a hard knock down. The kick is also a hard knockdown, the AAAA chain and any part of it stays the same except for the height. Dash AA can't be meleed after. Dash S will be dash cancelable on hit (and hit for a ****load), but there's no down attack-esque follow up. Krieg will flinch and is stunnable, but cannot be launched. Like Lime, if Krieg hits 0, he dies.

If you get hit, 70% of the time you'll end up getting infinited. Once you drop down to the ground though, staying down can prevent most of his damage, as he has no way to force you getting up. It might be a bit hard getting back up though, wake up attacks do not knock him down.

Krieg is different
I'll just repeat it one more time, Krieg is different. If you find yourself feeling like it's a "spam match", it's cause you just cannot throw out your AAs happily. Krieg basically covers all of city, so you cannot run for some safe distance. Pure keepaway may or may not work, Krieg benefits from people staying away from him.

*AA dash A-* oops you got countered

For most characters, they'll be waiting outside Krieg's melee range, while Krieg tries to chase them down and keep away (so he doesn't get tied up) at the same time(!). When Krieg is downed, most characters can beat his attempts to attack back out of wake up 70% of the time. On the other hand, his wake up has tons of invincibility, very large, and cancelable in any direction. He's just like his brother, Dainn. It will feel like a weird match, because it's so different from fighting everyone. Krieg will force people to fight in one specific way (not fun), because that's usually the only way you can deal with him.

Character Specific


5-5 Even

Sieg Strategy:
Provoke is key, use it to hit Krieg with burst damage, then run away and combo for cooldowns.

Krieg Strategy: Keep you away from him, though just enough to melee you, but can get close once in a while to deal damage.

Useful Moves:
Provoke, Counter, Play Dead, Blow, Whirling Sword

Krieg's Useful Moves: Hammer Boomerang, Hammer Blast, AS, ASSSSS, Dash A, S Counter, Hammer Scratch

At the start of the match: Krieg may run to the corner and throw out a projectile, to keep you away. You'll want to get in there and provoke him.

First off, do not be afraid of getting hit by a stray move, unless it's Dash A (krieg can combo this into super strength). Counter and provoke will stop everything that Krieg has. Krieg's long range and slows aren't really threatening to Sieg. If you really don't want to wade through his long range, then use Magic Defense.

In this fight, Provoke will basically beat everything Krieg has. That is, if you properly use it. Counter also does the same thing. Provoke and Counter is godly here. If a Krieg tries a stray Super Strength or Fire Comet, they can easily be Countered.

What Sieg should do is get into the range where he can Provoke, and dash as krieg right after. Don't be at the farthest edge of your provoke range, that's wasting it. Be at the range where Krieg cannot melee you, but you can provoke him. Now, if he S counters your provoke, it's not that bad actually. Krieg can S counter at any point he's hit, but it's a double edged sword. Krieg may not S counter Provoke perfectly all the time. He may S counter it late, and still get pulled back, or he may do it perfectly, but not dash away in time. To beat this move, you can use AS Sp Sp, or kicking. There's also a choice to use whirling sword right after provoke if he's not close enough. This move is completely safe from his counter, he can counter the first two hits, but it will cost him HP.

If Krieg uses Fire Crush, it's you can use Counter. But, Krieg can cancel it before it hits right into another move, so watch out. Sidestepping will ignore Fire Crushes' enormous slow. If Sieg's combo ended, it's a good idea to stay close. His down attack is easily counterable, and if he tries to dash a, dash as will beat it out.

What Krieg wants to do is get you out of his face. You can provoke his projectiles, but you can just take the hit, or completely avoid it, so you don't waste provoke. Or he'll try running away. Some of his key moves for running away are Fire Crush, and Hammer Blast. These two skills let him burst away, and he may try to Hammer Boomerang you to keep you away. Both of those moves can be provoked, but Fire Crush becomes invincible once Krieg's airborne.

Against his transformation, landing blow and stuffing all the lightning down his throat from IH will take him out.

Basically, Sieg needs to stick to him or run away until Provoke cools, because it can be hard to get in once Provoke is on cooldown. This can be negated if the Sieg can perform very long combos, and just provoke Krieg as soon as he gets up.


5-5 Even

Eir's Strategy:
Keep Krieg away as far as possible.

Krieg's Strategy: Get in close, since Eir's various projectiles and Moon Barrier make his longer range stuff usless.

Useful Moves: Moonbind, Holy Spirit, Sleep, Dodge, Moon Fog
, Moon Barrier, SSA

Krieg's Useful Moves: Hammer Blast, Fire Crush, Hammer Boomerang, AS, AA, Magic Defense, Transformation

At the start of the match: Krieg may throw out a projectile in order to get close to you. You can use holy spirit to make him back off, or run away a bit.

With Moon Barrier and SSA, some of Krieg's dangerous long range moves are rendered useless. Hammer Scratch may split up and hit you, if Krieg's past the Moon Barrier, or near it, since it does not track like Fire Orb. Hammer Boomerang is not affected by Moon Barrier. SSA can save Eir from a random Comet or Super Strength sometimes. It will also take out his Dash A, and Dash S.

Krieg's melee can be the big problem here. Unlike most characters, his melee may not be able to be Dodged at all (AA), or he'll just stay at a pretty safe range and not get hit. Outmeleeing him at his best melee range is nearly impossible with your own, but if you're close enough, you'll beat his out.

You'll want to avoid this situation completely. Fortunately, Krieg is big, and throwing out Holy Spirits and Moon Pieces will be hard for him to avoid. If he tries to dash S away to avoid those, use Moonbind. Moonbind can be useful, as he can have trouble dodging it. Moon Fog's slow cripples him hard, and this gives you a chance to back off. If he's getting close, Sleep will take care of him. His melee moves him forward, so he might end up accidentally getting hit often.

Eir does not need to fear S counter since hitting him with Dodge can be easier than meleeing him, and you'll be keeping him away most of the time. Moonbind into tears and pieces will hurt him a ton, since he's big, and moon pieces will probably land all hits.

Using Dodge as an offensive tool is very effective on Krieg. There is nothing that he can do to stop Eir if she's close enough to dodge.

Holy Spirit is great, since it's a very safe tool to use on Krieg. Up close, this gets him out of your face, and farther away, it's a good way to keep Krieg out.

JoG Heal might be risky, since at the end of it, he has enough time to transform, and get you into a combo. Or Krieg may try to stun you, with Adamatine F. Bolt.

Krieg has another trick up his sleeve though, and that's Magic Defense. Unlike Sieg, this version only lasts 11 seconds maximum, but the cooldown is 30. His Transform can also be dangerous, since Eir does not have much in the way of hard knockdowns. Sleep can take out some of the transform's time, and moonbind will freeze him.


5-5 Even

Dainn's Strategy:
Stay outside his melee range, and hit him with AAS. Fury's slow will cripple him, and allow to you Fire Orb him for damage. Use FDH to let skills cooldown, and keep Krieg from meleeing you.

Krieg's Strategy: Stay away from Fury, and try to close in to make up for long range skills' cooldowns.

Useful Moves: AAS, FDH, Fury of Land, Fire Orb, BCB

Krieg's Useful Moves: Fire Crush, AS, Magic Defense, Hammer Blast, Hammer Boomerang, Hammer Scratch

At the start of the match: If Krieg is scared of Fury, he will back off until he sees a way in. He will try to use hammer scratch, and then hammer blast his way in. Throw out some AAS, or fire orb.

Dainn's best tool is the newly upgraded fury. Even without the damage, the slow cripples Krieg, since the only speed ignoring moves he has will move him in a straight line (predictable). Be careful, you'll want to hit Krieg with the edge of fury. If he gets hit in the middle, he can just end up using Super Strength and combo you.

In addition to Fury, maxed FDH will also cripple Krieg, since he's so big, and save time for cooldowns. Now, it's easy to get past his melee once FDH is up. With a low level FDH, use it to protect yourself from Krieg's melee. If you put it up after Fury, Krieg may take a hit of it to take out his slow.

AAS is a gift from god. It's a very good projectile you can throw out to stop Krieg's Comet and Dash A. To fight against his melee, stay back a bit, and use AAS. He cannot dash A you if you hide in the projectile. His AA will be hard to use, since it moves him forward, and he'll end up eating the projectile.

Be careful when using Fire Orb, Krieg can quickly Super Strength Dainn, just like a Sieg using blow against fire orb.

To avoid Fire Crush, BCB it. The Krieg may or may not get away depending on how fast he canceled it. If he does get away, he may Adamantine F. Bolt you, resulting in a stun. Disturbance is the extremely large AOE that reverses and has instant invincibility. The only thing is, it leaves Krieg extremely open. If he does this to avoid BCB, toast him with Death Dragon Breath.
When Krieg tries to use AA super strength, the super strength part is BCBable.

Ice wall may or may not be a good idea. Usually, it's not a good idea. Krieg will Dash S the wall for free inviniciblity. If you're near a wall, he'll slam you into it and combo you.

When Krieg Transforms, now Ice wall is a safe tool. He cannot follow up with A or S after dash S to gain invinciblity.

The main strategy here is to hit with Fury, and when it's gone, help it cooldown. AAS is a constant projectile, but Fire Orb will make Krieg run away, letting you have a free FDH.

best character

5-5 Even

Tia's Strategy:
Get past Krieg's projectiles, melee, and finally his S counter to kill him in one combo.

Krieg's Strategy: Keep Tia away and whittle down her HP.

Useful Moves: Roots, Slide, Dark Fog, Midair Prison, Dash A, Shurikens, Flying Fang

Krieg's Useful Moves: AA, AS, Dash ASSSSS, Dash A, Fire Crush, Violent Whirlwind, Hammer Blast, Hammer Scratch, Hammer Boomerang

At the start of the match: Krieg can close in with his melee, or try to keep you away. Dark Fog or Midair prison to get close.

Most Tias will notice, if the Krieg uses his counter, there's almost no way for them to get close in addition to his nightmarish melee.

The trick to this fight is getting in close, though this is way easier said than done. Hammer Boomerang is one of Krieg's best tools against Tia, since it pushes back a great distance.

Dark Fog and Midair Prison will let you get right through his projectiles, but there's his melee to deal with. Once past that, his last resort, and his most effective, is his S counter. Tia will likely slide into him, and since he can counter any time when he's hit, he will simply press S, and knock you into the air. There are ways past this though, and they're Flying Fang and Roots. But, Krieg will be able to counter the first hit of slide anyways.

You'll need to make him think that he doesn't want to counter all the time. In balanced, Krieg takes out a lot of HP when countering, compared to free Server. If he keeps countering, and you keep getting in, he'll eventually die. First, always stay aggressive, even if you get countered. All his dangerous stuff, Hammer Scratch, Super Strength, Hammer Boomerang, and 100 Ton Fire Comet, cannot start up instantly. Tia will also kill in one hit, while Krieg can take a bit to kill someone. He may follow up into a combo, and run away though, then you'll have to chase him again. But if he does not follow up after his counter, chase him. If he counters, he loses more HP. When he does not counter immediately, hit him with Roots or Fang and proceed to combo him.

Fire Crush and Violent Whirlwind can be extremely hard to deal with sometimes. Violent Whirlwind protects all sides of Krieg, so if you try to slide him, you'll end up getting hit. Fire Crush gives him a chance to run away again, and you're slowed at the same time.

If you get the life lead, you can set up mines, and run away a bit. This may force Krieg to waste his cooldowns, making it much more easier to kill him.


6.5-3.5 Krieg's Favor (I feel like it could be worse)

Dacy's Strategy:
Get dolls out, and protect Wari.

Krieg's Strategy: Get rid of the dolls, after that, he can easily fight at his favorite range.

Useful Moves: Dong Dong, Wari, Veni, Fake Tear, Bumpy Dash, Catchvee Kick

Krieg's Useful Moves: Hammer Scratch, Hammer Boomerang, AA, AS, Adamantine F. Bolt, Violent Whirlwind, Magic Defense, 100 Ton Fire Comet

At the start of the match: Krieg will not want to let Wari out, so he'll send out a projectile to stop you. Try to get Wari out ASAP, since you don't have much otherwise to stop Krieg.

This match can really be painful for Dacy. Krieg can stay at a very safe range with his melee, and not get hit at all by your invincible frames. Meleeing him is almost impossible, with his humongous melee range.

Wari will make Krieg's life a nightmare though. If enough missles are out, it will be very hard for Krieg to move around. Use these and Dong Dong to keep him out.

Unfortunately, Krieg has tons of tools to dispose of dolls. Dash AA will kill a doll easily, and AS is an extremely safe way to almost kill a doll. Even if you call them back to you, Krieg may fire crush, and then use Violent Whirlwind, possibly hitting you and your dolls. He also has Magic Defense, so Wari may be rendered useless.

Without dolls, Dacy does not have much to fight against Krieg. If you use an invincible skill against one of his projectiles, he may use a high level Adamantine F. Bolt to stun you after. Double Double Needle Bomb into Thunder Candy will not work. Krieg will activate his S invincibility (not the counter) to avoid it completely.

Once Krieg activates transform, he cannot be knocked into the air. Though he cannot manually press S for invincibility, he can do AAAS S to activate it. Krieg will do even more damage to the dolls.


5-5 Even

Lime's Strategy:
Stay away from his melee, and catch him with A Space, or S, and hit him with jelly

Krieg's Strategy: Catch lime while trying to not run out of mana.

Useful Moves: Babies, Kowabunga, Pang Lime Shung, A Sp, S, Cool Wabang Lime

Krieg's Useful Moves: Transformation, AS, AA, Hammer Scratch, Adamantine F. Bolt, Hammer Boomerang, Hammer Blast, Dash A

At the start of the match: Kowabunga for the speed boost. Stay away from Krieg and see what he wants to do and let him chase you. If he's getting close, throw an A Space towards him.

Jeneral Advice:
Wabang is probably one of THE BEST (if not the best) skills to use against krieg if you know how to do a full wabang juggle. With speed buff you should be able to maneuver around krieg and dodge his hard knockdowns you claim to be so threatening.

Boomerang and commet are easily avoidable with an invinci frame from a baby. If the lime has some sort of a brain he will use the baby before he gets hit with these.

"Just run away and use freeze babies"...are you serious dude? Freeze jellies have like a 40 sec CD so once you use them then what? And "running" away is the funniest thing ever haha. Try running away from jumper or a decent krieg. They will catch you with the dash attacks like 50% of the time and if you even get caught with one melee you are pretty much screwed. The only way beside freeze jellies that I have been able to counter xform kriegs is with sticky jellies but those are extremely hard to pull off and for some reason wiggling jellies don't affect kriegs speed in xform mode so yaaaaaa.

Only way I can see a krieg outdamaging a lime is when he is xformed so please explain this to me cause it makes no sense. With decent equips one freeze rrt or even a small chain of air combos can take out 1k hp each off a krieg easily.

Only things I hate about kriegs is that I can't stun lock them...Only efficient use of biki I can see is with with poison clouds and stun counters. Even then it's too risky.

Unlike other characters, Krieg can melee you, even with your A Space out. Unlike in other matches, Krieg may run out of mana, depending on how much he uses his projectiles. Lime is very safe from his "spamming antics", as Lime is too fast to get hit by a stray Super Strength (unless the Krieg is psychic). To avoid his projectiles, babies/Pang Lime Shung will save you, along with just running from them. Even if Krieg always hits with his projectiles, he may run out of mana.

Krieg will try to melee you, because eventually he'll run out of mana, and he can't just Super Strength you, but there is a risk of getting hit by Fire Comet. AS will be his most dangerous choice, it's his safest move, and he does not risk accidentally S countering, since Lime's A Space and S knock him into the air. AS is fast and pretty wide. AA might lead him to run into your A Space, since he moves forward quite a bit.

Cool Wabang Lime can be useful, but Krieg has some stuff to deal with it. Adamantine F. Bolt stuns, and 100 Ton Fire Comet has a very large range, and it knocks lime away. Dash S might be risky for Krieg, since you could just bite him in the middle of it, but it and the followup will also knock lime away.

Once he transforms, his damage turns dangerous. If Krieg knocks you down, and cannot follow up with a combo, stay down. Krieg has nothing to force you up. Even though his kick hits the ground, it does not do much damage at all.


5.5-4.5 Yuki's Favor

Yuki's Strategy:
Find a way to get in and kill Krieg.

Krieg's Strategy: Keep Yuki away, but close enough to melee.

Useful Moves:
Ice Arrow, Cold Whirlwind, Ice Dragon Heart, Cold Incandesence, Teleport, Rim of Severe Cold

Krieg's Useful Moves: Fire Crush, AS, AA, Hammer Blast, Hammer Boomerang, Hammer Scratch

At the start of the match: Throw some Ice Arrows out, and if he fire crushes, send an Ice Dragon Heart towards him.

As Yuki, damage isn't a problem. Krieg's two damaging skills, Super Strength and Fire Comet, have long cooldowns, or might not hit every single time Krieg gets you.

Like most characters, you'll have to deal with the problem of his annoyingly huge range. So that means waiting on the edge of his melee range, while dodging his other long range attacks. Teleporting can work if he doesn't anticipate it, Krieg is big, so you might catch him with the edge of a dragon or icicle. Since he's big, throwing out Ice Arrows, Ice Dragon's Heart, and Rim of Severe cold will tick him off. This is the main way to get past his melee.

He may Fire Crush in between Ice Arrows, or Ice Dragon's Heart. If you throw out a Dragon, he'll take the hit of the dragon. If he's smart, he won't go straight towards you with Fire Crush. Instead, he'll try to hit you with the edge of the AoE, and quickly cancel into hammer blast, to move away.

Using those moves with Cold Incandesence can lock him down, and let you teleport into him.

Ice Queen can get meleed to death by Krieg.

Once you get in, make sure to take out a chunk of Krieg's HP. Out damaging him isn't a problem, getting in is.

(I need more info)

5.5-4.5 Krieg's Favor

Arien's Strategy:
Lock him down so you can chainsaw Krieg with Lightning Arrow and Edge of Storm.

Krieg's Strategy: Stay at his favorite range and try to not to get chainsawed.

Useful Moves: Lightning Arrow, Edge of Storm, Calling Thunder, AS, Dash AS, Scattering Wind

Krieg's Useful Moves: Hammer Boomerang, Hammer Scratch, Hammer Blast, Fire Crush, AA, Magic Defense

At the start of the match: Try to lock him down with some projectiles.


10-0 Krieg's Favor

Krieg's Strategy:
Kill you

Useful Moves: Fire Crush, Disturbance, Hammer Blast, Hammer Scratch, Hammer Boomerang, Magic Defense, AA, AS

At the start of the match: Each Krieg may try to throw projectiles at each other in order to close in.

This match will have each side waiting around melee range until they can get a hit and turn it into a combo.

AS will beat out any random Super Strength, but it loses to AA, since you'll autocounter that (autocountering it is useless). Dash A loses to AA, but it's good for catching Krieg if he doesn't expect it.

To close in you can try to use a projectile, or Hammer Blast. At far range, you may end up in projectile wars, with one Krieg throwing Hammer Boomerangs and Scratches at each other. Don't be tempted into this. If he throws a Hammer Boomerang, don't just throw one back in retaliation. You can just hammer blast your way in.

If one Krieg Fire Crushes towards another, there's like a special yomi mini game. The other Krieg can Fire Crush back, and hit you. Or he may wait to get hit, and Disturbance right when you try to Super Strength him. If you're patient and let him Disturbance, you can Super Strength him afterwards.


6-4 Ryan's Favor

Ryan's Strategy:
Your shots are faster than Krieg's melee, even at his maximum range he can't even get you with it. If he does whack you with his melee, and you happen to hit him at the same time, just melee again. Get into mid range, otherwise he'll just throw projectiles at you.

Krieg's Strategy: Krieg wants to stay farther away from Ryan, it's better than being up close and getting knocked down. Krieg can stay at the other side of the screen and launch his projectiles. Even if you hit him with the explosions, he will out damage you. Krieg only needs a few good hits to put you down. Fire Crush is Krieg's way to get you.

Useful Moves: (I need ryan skill guide)

Krieg's Useful Moves: Hammer Boomerang, Hammer Scratch, Hammer Blast, Fire Crush, AA,

At the start of the match:

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