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Well...the people that don't want to learn to play is well, I see that reaction in every MMO, but it depends if they want to play casually or not. And with the people drifting away from the community even more than before it seems to me that maybe they want to play for fun but everyone has a different definition of fun. I also think people need to accept some failures in game runs as well.

Anyways, the problem is that people think you're trying to boss them around when you tell them such "suggestions", and yes I get that too in real-life with my siblings...

I'm guilty of the future updates one whenever I see something. I must admit it sometimes I act like that with people in some games, and I don't notice it because it doesn't sound like I'm being rude but the way I present it, means something. Perhaps I'm over-excited on that subject...and things get out-of-hand.

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