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Originally Posted by pookie
it has always been this way, hasnt it?

i remember doing bapho raids on KL and if somebody made a mistake that usually led to the entire group failing, theyd have a short discussion on how to correct it and retry, even if it was a random party. then i go to GL to do an adaman raid and somebody makes a mistake that leads to the whole party disbanding at campfire after everybody blames each other (or worse, singles out a single person)

there are also certain times where those situations would be reversed, so its just based on lunia influencing a bunch of brats

and people act elite for giving future updates now?

i remember back then when i did that all people did was talk about how it wasnt true or give me **** for it ( the forum admin that told me he gave me a verbal warning aobut something but he never did, then put some shady comment like "but u decided not to follow it")
Well, it's usually this way in most games right? But I'm not sure about lunia being better or worse community, maybe it's just the same ratio of people doing something, but with a higher population though.

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