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Default How to: Use Post Backgrounds (Custom Postbit)

Some People enjoy customizing things, others like things they way they are.
Here is a feature for those who like making their things Unique and custom to their liking.

Introducing our Custom Postbit or it's simplified term "Post Backgrounds"

This feature is available for 5$ for a single 30 day license. When the license expires the post background disappears until you buy a new one.
Subscribers will get their license renewed until they cancel their subscription. (You will be charged automatically when your license expires)

This guide will consist of two parts-
The first part will guide you through the payment procedure.
The Second part will guide you through the Payment process.


Part 1 - Payment Process
First Step-
Click this link to go to your paid subscriptions
Here you will see the subscription option for MMOG Post Backgrounds.

Click the dropdown menu and select your subscription, remember that the ones with the * are reoccurring and will charge your paypal account again after the term expires.

When you choose your subscription click the order button, you will then be sent to a paypal page which requires you to log in and confirm your order.
After confirming your order, paypal will inform you if it was cleared and you should receive an email.

Note: Paypal may take time to clear your order depending on the method of payment.

If payment was cleared you may log out of paypal, and begin the second step.

Second Step-
Returning to your paid subscriptions page, you should see the purchase date and expirary date. If you don't then wait a few minutes before refreshing the page.

If you see it, then you may now use custom backgrounds for your posts!

Part 2 - Customizing your post background
After payment procedure it's now time to customize your post background.
Here's the guide to show you how

First Step-

Find any image you like to use as your background, but be sure it does not break any of the forum rules.
Note: Any backgrounds which are deemed inappropriate will be removed, if this offense is repeated three times you will lose your subscription and won't be able to make another.

Note: Try using a background that isn't too dark, otherwise your text will be difficult to see.

Second Step-
After finding an image you like, go to your profile album located in the UserCP under Pictures & Albums.
Create an album if you haven't already, choose which album to place it in, go into that album and click the Upload Pictures button.

Browse for the file, and click Upload Pictures.
Remember that if it's over 600x600 the image will be resized and be lower quality.

When uploaded you will be brought back to your album page, click your uploaded background and copy it's URL.

Go back to your UserCP and into Edit your Details.
Scroll down to the bottom and insert the URL into the bottom field named Postbit Background.
Check the save changes button and voila!


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