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yeah, everyone saw the patches and was like: "oh no, now lunia's being dumbed down", thinking that they're smart to balance and fix the game.

though allm is kinda overbuffing everything, but the game is dying in korea
  • cause they have knowledge of future updates
omfg, it seems like everyone has a ****ing ktest magical key to the heart account. one time I hopped on my account (!!!) and I saw a character I never made. oops someone told people my acc and password

when the old ob people refer to the "immature" community, it's really typical in a mmo game. I don't get why they're so angry about it, but I remember the lunia community on Mylunia not really being like the ijji forums (mostly the people you see ingame alot on mylunia were usually the posters).

phuq me for editing too much but, at least lunia's kinda unique for a non foreign mmo.

well a game sort of similar to this (arcadey action) dungeon and fighter, is coming to the us.
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