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For the people acting like gods of lunia, they should be ashamed of themselves. However, people should ignore that God rather than making it a big deal. It takes two to fight, divorce, etc. You can't blame one thing in general.

More experienced people taking less experienced players down.. skill? I don't really understand that aspect. Unless you're talking about arguing, then I get it, but if you're talking about PvP, then I fail to understand what you're trying to imply.

For PvP: Ijji community either needs to suck it up when they lose, or they need to train, or not pvp at all if its such a big deal.

For Arguing: Just because a person knows the future updates shouldn't mean that he or she can call him or herself a person of higher status. That's arrogant.

Using other people as references... even if they dont know that person...
Here's my advice, get the person who was 'used' as a reference to resolve the situation. If i was used as a reference by some guy, I'd tell him off for not even telling me about it.

Unconstructive criticism... That has to do with the majority of the community. Some people are utterly terrible in trying to word out their thoughts, and the arrogance of some immature people only focusing on the instinct of WIN rather than the instinct of DIGNITY.

As for rejecting criticism, my way of resolving things is, be a leader of a pvp room. If they reject it, then I'm okay with it. If they start rousing a fight and tries to argue in favor of 'winning' and of somewhat an arrogant act, then by all means, just kick the fool and get on with your PvP.

If that has to do with staging, then just work with that person for a few more minutes until the stage is over, or expel him or her if he or she isn't able to cooperate properly.

A community is based on the majority of the population in that game. If the majority of players were good people, then it would be a good community. Many people that played before Ijji had already quit. Regardless of being good or bad, a person getting fed up with a community that can be handled by many people is stupid.

One bad person can't make a community of 200 people bad, unless you want to count aristocratic people who try to entice others to join some stupid army and rule the world, then I suggest you keep that thought somewhere based on some intellectual thread.

There's either no one to blame, or everyone to blame. You can't blame the TFT/OB players, nor can you blame the Ijji community, unless you'd rather blame both, which would be more reasonable. TFT/OB players aren't "Pure", and Ijji community players arent "Dirt disgusting".

In the end... I'd say we all shouldn't make a big deal out of things and try not to be arrogant.
Most in-game conflicts I encounter are actually because of ignorance and arrogance.

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