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RockMan compilation

RockMan X4 and RockMan 9 arranged ( Not the 2 bit songs )

x-10 Stages- Storm Owl's stage ( RockMan X4 OST )
Stage Boss- Boss Theme ( RockMan X4 OST )
Square- Jewel Temptation ( Rockman 9 Arranged OST )
Cobolt Raid- Jet Stingray's Stage ( RockMan X4 ); Some Stages in episode 3 will have this song.
Upper Jahilyah/Lower Jahilyah- Magma Dragoon's Stage ( RockMan X4 )
Episode 4- Web Spider's Stage ( Rockman X4 OST )
Siren Raid- Splash Women's Stage ( Rockman 9 Arranged OST );
Le Chattlie/Le Lua- Slash Beast's Stage ( RockMan X4 OST ); Some Stages in Episode 5 will have this song.
Myth Stage- We're The Robots ( RockMan 9 Arranged OST )
Myth Boss- Final Boss X ( RockMan X4 OST )
Victory Fanfare- Boss Defeated X ( RockMan X4 OST )

Dont forget to rename the folder to "Bgm" without the quotes of course.

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