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Default Blade & Soul


NCSoft announced the development of this game quite a while ago (mmosite posted a link to the article once upon a time), but recently they estimated that the Korean Closed beta will commence at the end of this year and will be launched in 2010. Plus apparently this game will be released on both the PC and PlayStation 3!

Blade and Soul is an Asian martial-arts MMORPG in development by Lineage II development team, and the characters in this oriental style MMORPG are designed by the well-known illustrator HyungTae Kim. It is set in an oriental fantasy world and will use Unreal Engine 3.

Judging from the trailer, this game focuses greatly on close combat with only a few ranged attack skills. Comboing will be aplenty; blocking + counter attacks potential trump cards. Expect high energy button mashing with flashy visual effects.
Source: I wrote that.

Only two races have been officially revealed: the Jin and Gon. However, it is suggested that a third race (possibly a fox-like character who appeared in the trailer video[2]) will be implemented.

Jin - Visually similar to humans, Jin specialize in sword-based combat.

Gon - Physically stronger and larger than humans, Gon specialize in hand-to-hand combat.

Unnamed Fox-like Race - Small and petite characters with fox-like tails and ears, they seem to specialize in speed-based combat. There is speculation that they can transform into a fox-like were-form as seen in the trailer.

The trailer video revealed that players will be able to combo skills, and that players will be able to jump and dash while in mid-air, through a system called QingGong. According to an interview with the Development Director, players will also be able to make wine and pottery.
Source: Wikipedia.
Analysis on possible 3rd race over here.


They're taken from the video anywayz lawl.



Tad blurry though.

Official Site (Korean)
Blade & Soul at

So this is pretty much like the old thread except with more stuff in it yay!

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