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zedj is on a distinguished road
IGN: Leonidas(LT) BiskeKruger
Class: Sword Templar/ Champion to_champion
Level: 8x(ret) / 28x
Guild: ChibiClan

Forum Name: see <----
In-Game Name: BiskeKruger
Game Applying For: Trickster Online.
Most Active Channel/Server In Game: Jewelia/ruby mainly and pearl
Current Level: 142
Class: Bunny P0wah
Time Zone/Location: GMT +8 Singapore time
Your Available Days and Hours for Game Play: 7-9pm, 10-12pm weekdays, more on weekends
Friends in guild: TheKeety
Homopartner in guild: Nek0yasha <3
Other stuff: Havent done any episode quests yet. And yes if you're wondering, im the one whose in neko's pantsus' everyday when he wasn't on


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