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Originally Posted by EndOfTime
Name : Luna (Also named Rina)
Taunt : Bite me.
Counter: Ohrly!?
Win : I'm not even pro.
Starting: Break their legs!

1st Job : Fan Girl
Weapon : None. Fist.

-1st skill : Baka Baka Baka!
Multiple hits a little like Shy Shy Punch.

-2nd skill : Kawaiiiiii!!!!
Is blind by cuteness and starts dancing in circle for 2 second hiting many stuff around her.

-3rd skill: *Glomp*
A single person hitting skill that you jump forward of the distance of a Sword of Fire (Elesis 1st job 2nd skill) and that hits the first opponent your touch. You are sticked to the opponent for 3 seconds where you cover his/her eyes so he's confuse and can damage his party. Also in PvP, if you hit the opponent facing him, the damage equal 2 grabs, if its from behind it equals 3 grab. All the damage are done at the end of the 3 secondes.

2nd Job : Artist
Weapon : Pencil, Paint and booklet

-1st skill : Argggg!!! Useless pencil set!
Throws all of his 12 pencils from 4H to 6B. Its 3 separate throw of 4 pencils each times in front of him that goes through all the map. Damage depending on which pencil are throw each time. In PvP, pencils damage goes from 1 to 12, and it is fix damages. So if every pencils hits (Example: (1+2+3+4) + (5+6+7+8) + (9+10+11+12)) its a total damage of 78. However the opponent can counter out of it or simply run away if hes far enough.

-2nd skill : Oups I dropped all my paint T.T
Drop some paint on the ground. If your opponent walks in that spot he cant jump or dash anymore for 10 secondes. The paint stays in the map for as long as Alchemist's 2nd skill does.

-3rd skill : Death Note
You will write a random name (It may also be yours) in a book and that person goes to fatal. It doesnt exclude your teamate or yourself. Gambling skill xD

3rd Job : Cosplay Master (Of sword characters)
Weapon: A sword, blade, katana, etc.

-1st skill : Soaring Wind, Divine Wind Style (I've been watching Asu No Yoichi latelly. So yeahhh xD)
Slash and send out wind that knock opponent back a bit. The slash and wind are separate damages

-2nd skill : I'm going to finish this in one blow.
Kinda like Lass 2nd job 3rd skill but in faster. You see a long slash. And actually appear where the skill end and not at where you start it.

-3rd skill : Cosplay time!
Randomlly cosplay in 1 of your 3 costume of sword character. You will use have some of the move of that character in the anime. Also, because that character is so awesome, you are invincible for 15 secondes, after that time you will turn back to normal. (I dunno which anime character so yeahhh xD)

4th Job : Otaku Leader Master
Weapon : Megaphone, figurine, plushies, posters, other otakus, mangas, anime DvD.

-1st skill : Let's do this!
Throw any of the weapon listed. Damage are random. xD

-2st skill : RAWRRRRRRR!!!!!
Shout in your megaphone for a mid range everyone in front of you. If the opponent is hit, he/she will be stunned for 3 seconds.

-3rd skill : OTAKU UNITY!!!!
Point in the air like Kamina (Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann) and call for otakus! If your opponent is in that short ish range, he is stripped of all his equipement that contains DEF. The effect last until he loses a life.

Yay finally done. I was bored dont keel me. Oh and the name of that character is someone in the forum xD.
I love this.

Although, 3rd job's 3bar should allow you transform into Haruhi or something.