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IGN: XsuperhipsterX (Chips)
Class: Raccoon -- Charm to_gambler
Level: 15x
Guild: Symphony

In-Game Name: XsuperhipsterX [ Cheeps as some of you call me ]
Date(s) of Absence(s): Aprils 4 - 20
Reason(s)?: Because. I'm going on a LONG vacation to China [ and no, i ain't happy 'bout it. D: ] That's why i was rushing all those last minute grindings to get FH. 'Cause imma be gone for a long time. This seriously sets me back on my summer levelling extravaganza [ just like those commercials i see on TV ] ;-;. Anyways. sorry for the long inactivity yuki. ;-;

D:, Cheeps

-- Edit: --
i forgot, i'll still be semi-active on the forums. i'll only be inactive in - game since china blocks eTO for some god forsaken reason. ;-;
-Under Construction-
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