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So, I got into the CB, except apparantly this CB will allow your stats and stuff to carry over.

First off, yes, it is TF like, but at the same time, not TF like. Teamwork is needed, (Such a big difference when you have a medic backing you up!) and it works on a nice ranking system. Whenever you shoot someone, you get points. When you're capturing a flag, you get points. So basically, you get points for doing almost anything. You also don't have to wait till the game ends to get points, which is nice, you can easily slip in for a 5 minute game. Damn game disconnects me a lot though.

This is one of the first shooters I've played where Snipers take more than 2 shots to kill (3 to kill for head shot I think), and knives take more than 3 hits to kill.