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ChaseBanhart is on a distinguished road
IGN: ChaseBanhart
Class: Gunslinger lt_gunslinger
Level: 92
Guild: Royalty

OGP Forum Name: xkyomurax
OGPlanet Forums: [Royalty]LVL5[Neutral]Social/Active/Mature Players
Read the Guild Rules: yes
Character IGN: ChaseBanhart
Character Job/Class: Explorer
Character Level: 57
Activeness: 1~4 Hours a day depending on my mood. Usually 2.5 though.
Main Character: Yes

Real Name: Victor, most people call me Regal though.
Age: 19
Nationality/Ethnic: Hispanic :P
Location: NLR, AR
Time Zone: Central
What you do for a living: Uhhh student/ whatever work I can find :O
Type of music you enjoy: Acoustic/indie But mostly everything except nu-metal and goth stuff like that
Microphone: Yes
Reason You Want To Join Royalty: Its one of the most mature and close-knit guilds I've ever had the pleasure to be in.

Sorry It took so long Josh x0 <3 ily