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S4kur1t4 is on a distinguished road

Read the Guild Rules: yes
Character IGN: S4kur1t4
Character Job/Class: Wizard going Bard
Character Level: 63 atm (it changes very fast so let's just say 6x)
Activeness: as long as i have free time which is usually All day except for thursdays
Main Character: Yes
If you were in another guild, reason for leaving that guild is: This guild looks like it will be more active and it can be felt like a family

Real Name: Shanna
Age: 23
Nationality/Ethnic: Colombian, Japanese / Atheist
Location: Cali, Colombia (South America)
Time Zone: GMT-5 with DST always off (right now is the same as CST)
What you do for a living: Study Informatic Engineery right now at an University
Type of music you enjoy: J-Pop, Pop, VGM (Videogame Music)
Microphone: no
Reason You Want To Join Royalty: Well my friend is in and i would like to try it out, besides I would love being in the same guild as my friend