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I vote Wii do fine because of as said the larger and more casual demographic it targets (and thats the only "new" generation console system I own). Plus, the Wii system and games like Mario Kart Wii that comes with the wheel are just plain hard to find.

Out of the other two, I see Xbox 360 doing alright , out of the fact that is the only one of the other systems that I've played, none of my friends have a PS3 so all I can tell about it comes from news article and others opinions. Even thru as said, the winning of the Blue-ray in the next gen. DVD war makes might be bring up PS3's appeal (some Blue-ray DVD players cost almost as much as the PS3 itself).

Momijii- there is a $400, 40 gig PS3 that has been out for a while, but its also not PS2 backwards comparable, only 2 USB ports, etc.
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