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I've recently finished my Chrono Cross soundpack. I chose Chrono Cross because it has one of the best OST and most of the songs are suitable for Lunia...not to mention it's one of the greatest games I've ever played on ps1.

I will upload it once filefront is finished with their maintenance (hopefully tomorrow), as I do not know any other sites that hosts uploading compressed files. I'll upload them by thursday at the latest, anyways here's the breakdown:


...and for those PvP fanatics, I've done a little remix on the PvP loading screen by adding an additional background music, because we all hate those newbs who do their first load in PvP, and listening to something while waiting takes the boredom out of it.


I recommend that for anyone who will be willing to try out the sound pack, to boost up their music volume to around 80~90, as the sounds are a little on the quiet side, as supposed to the loud side (I've amplified the volume for episode boss and stage boss to emphasize the epicness of the music).

Updated 4/2/09:
The download for the Chrono Cross sound pack can be found here. If there's any discrepancies, let me know. If not, I hope you enjoy ^^
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