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Beast Trainer Recruitment Quest:
Open to players level 44+

To start the quest talk to Beast Trainer Nari next to New Delhi.
She'll ask for you to hunt 20/20 Scorpion Stingers from the Scorpions in the area.

4,000 EXP
10,000 Gold
10 x Antidote [High]

Her second request is 20 Dried Camel Tongues dropped from the Starved Camels in the area.
Reward: 4,000 EXP
10,000 Gold
10x Live Potion [ADV]

Her third request is simple. Answer the question:
"What are Beast Trainer mercenaries called when they upgrade to Hero grade?"

Answer is: Zhu Rong

5,000 EXP
10,000 Gold

She then sends you to Hwa Man near Mumbai and Mohenjardo Graveyard. Congratulations, you've reached the most grueling part of the quest line!

Her first request: 20/20 Lion Whisker (Dropped by Tropical Lions to the south of Mumbai Advance base)
6,000 EXP
13,000 Gold

Her second request: 20/20 Fox Ear (Dropped by White Foxes to the west of Hiroshima)
7,000 EXP
13,000 Gold

Her third request: 25/25 Bear Paw (Dropped from Fire Bears northeast from Beijing)
Reward: 7,000 EXP
13,000 Gold

Her Fourth Request: 30/30 White Tiger Molar (Dropped from White Tigers between Harbin/Beijing)*
* Like to Add
7,000 EXP
13,000 Gold

After this you've reached Shadow Dungeon, congratulations! Again it is suggested you harass peer chat for a BT party, your guild, mentor, or anyone else you can think of to help you out.

Hwa Man's Fifth Request sends you to Mohenjodaro Shadow Dungeon F1 to hunt 30/30 Dark Harpy Claws.
9,000 EXP
15,000 Gold

6th Request: Enchanted Bone 30/30 from Shadow Dungeon F2

Experience: 9,000
Gold: 15,000

7th Request sends you even farther into Shadow Dungeon to collect 30/30 Red Eyeballs.
10,000 EXP
1 Stamina

Hwa Man then asks you to help Bao Sanniang with War supplies, if you're lucky you've already gotten the materials to complete her quests from looting Shadow Dungeon monsters. (I highly suggest not selling these if you get excess as you will need them for other recruitment quests.)

Bao Sanniang Request one:
20/20 Shining Glass. These drop easy.

15,000 Gold

Bao request 2: 20/20 Powder of Life

7,000 EXP
15,0000 Gold

Bao Request 3: 30/30 Powder of Spirit
7,000 EXP
15,000 Gold

You're then send back to Hwa Man. (Please note you can start Bao's quests at the same time you start the Harpy Claw quest.)

You've sucessfully reached Hwa Man's last favor, and that's to kill Taraka! Be warned you're guaranteed to get two adds in the boss fight if not attacked before even getting to him.

20,000 EXP
40,000 Gold
x1 Sealed Casket: Beast Trainer
1 Stamina

There you have it, Beast Trainer.

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