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Default Mercenary Recruitment Walk-Thrus:

Just because I have been aching for a thread like this for awhile now, and can tell how helpful it will be to other people if they haven't quite been there and done that yet. (Seeing as I haven't either, and am doing this off of memory I'll humbly ask for everyone's assistance on this little guide.)

We'll start with...

Monk Recruitment Quest:
For players Level 18+

To begin the quest talk to Huike, he's located between Ruins of Yellow River and Beijing.

His first request:
50/50 Rice
50 EXP
500 Gold

He'll then send you to locate his pupil (Huilin) located to the right of the RoYR entrance:

50 EXP
500 Gold

Huilin will ask you to find his lost rosary for him.


30/30 Piece of Broken Bead
Dropped by: Red foxes to right of Huilin (Slightly annoying to hunt)

200 EXP
3,000 Gold

You're then sent by Huilin to his uncle Yuan Hao. (Located near Huike)

Yuan Hao's request:

20/20 Torn Diary*
Torn Diary are dropped by Shadow Dungeon monsters. It's suggested you have a party member also doing the quest, a guild-mate, or your mentor help you through this part (and the next part) of the quest.

200 EXP
3,000 Gold

Yuan Hao sends you back to Huike:
Huike asks you to dispose of the Shadow Witch and fetch Yuan Mu's Relic from her.

1,000 EXP
10,000 Gold

You're then asked to return to Yuan Hao

1,300 EXP
15,000 Gold
1x Huike's Letter (Monk Summon)

There's a couple other quests in the line and I'm not 100% sure where to place them (however they're just running around a bit.)

Next Post: Beast Trainer!
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