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slick has a little shameless behaviour in the past

Name: Jack

Class: 4th (( since that's all I feel like typing up right now ))

2 Gear like Yo-yo's that spin around, they're attached to his hands by chains
A huge fist made out of metal
A gigantic doll
( see class )

Weapon: A large plastic treasure chest

Bio: A young inventor who's ideas were rejected year after year. After the threat of Kaze'aze he stopped making automatons and gadgets and turned his objects into weapons.

( You press X to switch his style and skills. One bar allows his treasure chest to sprout teeth and a tongue, the other focuses more on projectiles )

Skills ( Teeth and Tongue )

Skill 1:OM NOM NOM
You hear jack scream before his chest suddenly grows in size ( get your mind out of the gutter ). The chest flies forward, chews three times, then shrinks back.

Skill 2: Tasty!
The chest sticks out his tongue and licks upwards slowly, with green poison dripping off the tongue. If you're hit it's the equivalent of getting hit with wl's cloud. You can't escape the haste, but it's not unusually long like killer cloud (Dx)

Skill 3: Uh-oh
Jack sets the chest down and it opens its mouth while making a grumbling noise. When it opens it mouth it starts firing up a geyser of toy soldiers, and an occasional item. The toy soldiers getting up and firing at whoever comes near ( with one hit combos, but there's strength in numbers ), having one fall on you deals damage too.
Skills ( Regular Chest )

Skill 1: "Here, have a present!"
Fires a present out of the box, if it hits you you're dealt with one damage. It stays out even after usage, but it's completely visible and stays out only for a short duration. When your character sees it they go into an annoying animation where they stoop down to pick it up, and stare at it. They're completely vulnerable for the whole animation. If they pick it up and nobody attacks them, the present explodes for no damage, but decent knockback ;0.

Skill 2: Tank Mode!
You jump into the box and it turns into a tank. It moves slowly and is smaller than a normal GC character, but it's treated with super armor and extremely high defense. You adjust the angle by pressing space which allows you to move the turret on top instead of the shell ( the projectile doesn't fly straight ). While targetting double tapping switches the turret direction, forward tilts it forward, backwards tilts it backward, up and down adjust the strength of each projectile. When you're in the tank you get 3 bars of MP that last til you either run out of time or you use it all, you use a different amount of MP depending on the strength you put for each projectile. Pressing up causes it to float upwards, double tapping forward causes it to charge.

Skill 3: Jack in the box
You drop a box on the floor. If someone steps on it a clown head pops up and juggles them high into the air, repeatedly. It does decent damage each blow, and if a person manages to get off via self counter, it stops going and stays there in the box again. The box can be hit with a skill and destroyed.