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Daegari will become famous soon enough
IGN: Daegari
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LaTale IGN(s): Daegari
Real Name: Steve
Nicknames: God (Just kidding! Maybe...)
Birthday: December 23rd, 1987
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Hobbies:Video Games. Skipping classes at college. Anime.
Timezone/Place:GMT -5 (Eastern Standard Time)
Favourites: I like a little bit of all music. And there's something to be enjoyed about pretty much everything. (Except for masochism! Ouch!)
Dreams/ Future Goals: My goal is to waste my life away so that no one remembers me. I have very little motivation, and consider ambition to be the tool of all things evil.
Bio/ Other things about you: I'm a nice guy, but I regard most everyone as an idiot, until proven otherwise.
Not a shred of evidence exists in favor of the idea that life is serious.