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III. Training Areas
Now that there's that nifty new Angel System, the early levels go by in seconds~!

P.S. Gosh, I feel bad for the Jewelia people. There's angels to help at all~! Or..they're all taken. But I've been trying for a while and nobody comes to help D:
Anyways, I'm always available in Fantasia~!

I recommend you read badna0's guide on training spots

1st Job

Do every single TM Quest possible, even if it's boring hunting down cards, or monsters for MQs.

Individual Quest Breakdown: (Can't believe I'm doing this)

Coral/Desert Beach:
1-13- Coral Beach Quests. I prefer to do these quests without buying any quest items. It gets more EXP... I think
13-16- the MQs around Gate of Desert get you up 2 base levels and a few TM levels too
16-20- Chapter 2(?) Don's Push. (It's fine to buy your quest items now. And~! With that MQ bonus, you'll get to lv20 without ANY grinding whatsoever!)
20-25- Chapter 3(?) Yeah. Update: Soaps are now easy to find. Just drill for a while at Beach Field 3 until you find enough Other than this, you'll be fine
25-28- Key Quests. These questies aren't actually hard to find, so, have fun!

Poppuri Dungeon/SE Forest:
28-30- Poppuri Key Quest, gives TM and Base EXP. You have to have finished the Beach Key Quests.
30-3?- Poppuri regular quests + MQs
While you're at Poppuri Dungeon, make sure you kill some Kooms. The cards are used to master Mist of Mana, and sell for about 500k apiece (8/19/09). They also drop special
whistles, which are a quest item.
35- 1st SE Forest Card Quest - Mantis Card

Oops Warf/Caballa Fields/Phantom School:
3?-50- Grind at Oops Warf, because THIS IS THE FRICKIN' MOST AMAZING PLACE EVARR Yeah. You can start some of the Caballa Key Quests and Card Quests at 45
40- 2nd SE Forest Card Quest - Sppo Card
45- Last SE Forest Card Quest- Koom Card
35+ Ghost Book MQ at Phantom School. Great TM EXP. I usually put this off until I'm almost level 50. Since the EXP you get it usually enough to boost you from whatever base level you are to 50, and such. And, most magic types can't kill them unless they're over lv.40

2nd Job
51-6? -Ep 1/ Caballa Quests. I hate how they killed Path to Black Swamp with the Revo. That was a veery nice place to train.
6?-7? - Oops Wharf Quests. More Path to Oops Warf stuff. This is tedious, but at least it gives you some Exp. Don't forget to do all of your Monster/Card quests. OR~ As Shiki said, You could go to Phantom School Art room. I don't know if there are parties there in Jewelia, but it's pretty decent exp even without a royal/special party. At level 63 I got .4% per AR
7?-80 -Mermaid Dungeon Quests. The Tink and Bell Fishbone quest is the most annoying quest ever. This is where I quit doing Key Quests. As I told Rayne today, it's the "Gateway to All
Your Troubles". Don't worry. As you look for fishbones, you actually get some decent exp.
80-9? - Ep 2 Opens up. Finish these + the Mermaid quests and you should be about lv91. I'm sorry about Don, but you'll be fine. There are a few glitched spots near the bottom and
middle of the map where you can keep Don away from you while you cast. Just keep trying and TAKE YOUR TIME. I can't stress this enough. I've done Ep. 2 4 times
and got past Don pretty easily, so just trust me. You will eventually beat him. Don't rush.

9? - 110 -
Stick to mobby places, that means its going to be really heavy on P. School.
In rough order of difficulty (easy-harder)
P. School 2f Bathroom (inky mucks)
P. School 3f Bathroom (inky mucks + keepers)
P. School 2-1, 2-4.
Mermaid Palace Dungeon 1/Mermaid Field 2/Seabed Field 4.
Fiesta Zone Oops Wharf (Skeles)
P. School Annex
Art Room
by badna0

95-130 - Guess what? Techi got revo-ed. So...I guess, now you can go do the Rose and Ghost Blue quests all you want until you reach 130. Remember when I told you to
take your time and find those fishbones? Well, it paid off. Now, good luck.
Or, if you're impatient like me and you didn't finish Mermaid Palace Key Quests because of those STUPID TINK AND BELL FISHBONES, you can go.... grind at mermaid dungeon
and phantom dungeon (?). Also, there's Mirage Fields 1 and 2, as well as Nora Sewers.

115-130 - I'll put something here as soon as Cyn reaches 110. Sorry

Note: Pointed out by Ebil One:
A hax grinding spot for 60-90 is Ghost Blue, where kills range about .3 - .5 a kill. So, whenever you need to grind a little to be able to start the next Key Quests, go to Ghost Blue and grind for a while.

3rd Job
130 - Ep 3 quests open up. These will get you to around 140 at least.
14? - You can grind a little here. Do your MQs as always. You can get a pretty decent party at Tap 1. It will only take you... a few days to get to 150.
150-??? - So, Ep 4 is out. And I've discovered that the underground passage 4 (right before the Dev. Room Lobby) is amazing. You can drill for Trash and Card Hunter Diaries there. Plus, there's almost always people there.
170 - You can now solo Count Blood. Yes, it is possible. I soloed him at 182, but mostly because I have really low HP... he's really easy to kill. Dun worry
180 - According to Shiki, yo can train at Count Trials now? I dunno... I think that the average level there is like.. 200. You should probably stick to phantom dungeon or Tap until at least 190. I think that's a bit better
200+ Techi key quest. This got bluhoppy from 234 to 236. If you've just gotten to 200, it should get you to around...205-ish? I dunno.
The best place to grind from here on is Phantom Dungeon 3rd floor. I stalk my guild members and they're always at Phantom Dungeon 3-2, 3-3, and PvP. You can also go to
Tap 4....I think. I dunno~ Never been there
Snow Mines. This is the new high level grinding spot. Great for chizerking buffs and hax AoE sheep. You'll do fine here. Make sure you can ohko the bears there, or you'll have
to be able to tank a few hits.

And! If you're a wind sheepie and you have Whirlwind, head on over to the Mirage Island Construction site place and OHKO rocks. They're actually not that bad EXP. Again, I was stalking guild members, and found that a party of wind sheepies were there today (4/12/09)

IV. Etc.

Comp Everything~

Shields - HP
Hats - MA
Staffs - LK
Accs. - MA/LK/HP
Innerware - MA/HP
Pets(if possible) - MA/LK

Whatever's in the MA/LK/HP category should be fine

The best ones I know of are mostly used by Soul Masters. They've got those new Undine's Garden, Sylph's Playground, Raion's Space things. Those lower the resistance of another element.

The best combo so far though, is:
1st place - Scorching Earth + Raion's Space + Electro Attack/Staff of Thunder EPIC WIN
2nd place - Shard of Glacier + Tesla Field/Staff of Thunder/Electro
3rd place - Scorching Earth + 1v1 Single-Targeting Action
Honorable Mention- Dark Distractor + Deadly Fen = No movement. A wind/earth sheep used it on me, and it was horrible. I couldn't move at all. She just AR'd me twice and I died ;__;

1. Don't keep party requesting people. It's horrible. Ecspecially where theres aggro monsters around.
2. Don't beg for money. It's even worse than the repetitive party requesting.
3. If you're under lv40, don't go to PvP, die, then come back and swear at people. I know that some higher level people like to kill for fun, this includes me, but don't do it. You'll just waste more money going back and shouting.
4. I'm running out of ideas... help?

Random Ranting
I wish for~~~

a water AoE

-Watch out for Bunnies...especially the pure ones. They've got that super annoying Flash Cut skill. Never anger/1v1 a bunny unless she/he is 100 levels lower than you and/or still a 2nd job.

-If you've got some lv90(?) friends that can level your TM to 35, you can get Storm and just AoE everything at Path to Oops (which is still the greatest place to level, EVER). This will give you lots of TM points to save for mist and 2nd job skills. Only for Wind sheeps. There is no skill for any other element that requires Mana Storm as a prerequisite Credit goes to: Kisa

-If you ever need help in Fantasia, PM me! I'll either be using Zei or Castaway, so, yeah...
If I'm not on Fantasia, I might be studying for... AP U.S. History, so just poke me on msn

Good luck on your adventure as a sheep. I hope this guide helped~

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