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Default Zei's Very Very Recent Sheepie Guide


Okay, first things first.

Table of Contents
0. Intro + Useful Links
a. What is a sheep?
b. Why play as a sheep?
c. What elements should I get?
d. Useful Links/Videos
I. Stat placement/Builds
II. Skill Builds
III. Training Areas
IV. Etc.


I'm a sheep, obviously, from the Fantasia server. And because of all the recent Revos, I've decided to make a guide for sheepies Everywhere~ *twirls around in magical sparkles*
This isn't gonna target just Wind/Earth or Water/Air or whatever sheepies. And~ I'll be editing this every time we get a patch and weiss-update, so it stays up-to-date and will help you lots. Oh, and, I'm a neat freak, so this guide will be in outline form.

Note: This is basically a collaboration of all the sheep guides out there. Those are probably more in-depth than mine. Just use this one to get a basic idea of stuff.

A. What is a sheep?
A sheep is one of the two magic type characters of Trickster. A sheep gets lots of AoE skills and is able to level up very quickly in comparison to the other classes. The Sheep is also Adorable ♥

B. Why play as a sheep?
1. Sheep are adorable.
2. Sheep are one of the fastest leveling classes in the game.
3. Sheep skills have very quick casts compared to some of the dragon skills. When 3 mages are casting Staff of Thunder, Gravity Crush, and Radiant Strike, Staff of Thunder will always strike first.
4. 3rd job sheep are amazing. We either get amazing single target skills (dark), wonderful, beautiful defense and HP (light), or the ability to reflect damage (Soulmasters). And, because all the 3rd job skills aren't out yet, who knows what soulmasters will be able to do? Maybe we'll be able to summon huge elemental golemn type things, or even teleport!

C. What elements should I get?
That's up to your own personal preference.
Fire - powerful single target spells. The 3rd job Soulmaster skill, Dragon Storm is on par with some of the most powerful Dark skills.
Ground - A very good AoE element. Earth has amazing range. You will be able to ks like crazy.
Air - The fastest element. The cast time of Wind Blade is .5 seconds and the cool time is 1 second. Air is one of the more common elements. There's a rumor that in the future, air
sheep will be able to teleport across the map.
Water - Probably the most common element. Water is a decent single target element. One water skill, Shard of the Glacier, traps the opponent for 3 seconds as well as decreases
its electricity resist. It's often combined with electric skills for deadly combos
Electric - Tied with Air for the second most common element. Electric has the biggest and flashiest AoE skills. The Soulmaster skill, Staff of Thunder is the flashiest skill in the
whole game.

Dark - Witches Only. More powerful single target spells. Dark Barrier also reflects 36% of physical attacks at mastery.
Light - Most people choose to be Light Witches or Priests because of Shield of Heaven (SoH). SoH takes HP and creates a shield with it. It's also a good choice for wind witches,
since the skill, Cure, will sometimes move you when you use it. If you're using Whirlwind, you cannot move. The skill Catastrophe Heal never moves you when you cast it,
and you don't need to click yourself to heal...I think. It's great for leveling in Snow Mines, when you're surrounded by aggro mobs.

D. Here's some useful guides that helped me through bard-hood and... soulmaster-ship? Note that I didn't add any of the pre-revo guides. Since, they're not very accurate for quests and training spots and...stuff like that. >.< Sorry guys

1. Read this: Sacchari's Choosing an Element Guide

xWitch's Light Witch Guide
Tong's Guide on Water/Lightning AR Sheepies
Shiningbrood's Guide to Earth/Wind
ThisIsMyBook Water/Lightning Lightwitch Guide
Blehnewish's Fire/Earth Sheep Guide
[Masoi's Hybrid Water/Wind Sheep Guide

Suzaku's Guide to Fighting Don Giovanni


The most commonly used build for sheepies is, of course, the default one. 1432.
It's got good LK/WT and nice HP. I used this one for my soul master

1441: These are the HAX sheeps. I don't recommend this to beginners. You're going to die alot in the beginning, but it's definately worth it. Your crit rate will be very high, and you will never miss.

1432: The default sheep build. It has decent HP and LK. The LK missing from this build is nothing you can't make up in later levels.

1414: A slightly less popular AOE sheepie build. Lots of HP, great for GvGing.

1423: A good AOE sheepie build. OK Luck and good HP. Don't worry, I made a sheep with this build, and she did fine in later levels with Mana Ring. I'm not too sure about using AR though, and I don't intend to try it out anytime soon. Can anyone who tried this build comment or pm me?

Just stick to these builds. You shouldn't be adding ANY power stats. Ever. Unless you're pumping AC as a wind sheep, which is understandable.

Stat Placement:

Okay gaiz, here's what you're gonna do.

Pure MA Most magic types go pure MA. Because it's awesome. I've done this twice, but only because I'm a 1441 Wind/Earth Light Sheep. If you're going to be a Light Hybrid sheepie, put all your stats in MA. That's the best way to abuse SoH. Some dark sheep put in LK, but only after lv250. I'm pretty sure Brightdown went pure LK for a while...or IS pure LK

Pure LK Never tried it. So.. I dunno. Most people start off as pure MA sheep, then switch to pure LK at around lv250 something. Since they can basically OHKO everything, all they need are crits. The more crits, the better.

Hybrid Some people tell me that this is THE BEST build. Because a 3:1 MA/LK sheepie will do the most damage, and still never miss. Go ahead and try it if you want. It sounds pretty nice~

Anything Else DUN DO IT



This depends on whatever build you choose.

The AoE Super Sheep. These sheep will kill a whole group of monsters in .5 seconds and not even break a sweat!
For starting wind sheepies, wind blade takes a while to get used to. You should master it ASAP, because it has a small fail chance at the lower levels.


Using this skill build might take a little plvling, or myshop. You can get Mana Arrow lv1 If you want. It dun matter too much. You WILL get AR sometime in your sheepie-lifetime.

TM lvl - Skill Name - Pts used
0 - Magical Soul
1 - Mana Arrow lv 1/save
10 - Invincible Casting
10 - Cure lv1
16 - Cure lv10
20 - Bottle of Mana
20-40 - Save
40 - Mist of Mana - 4pts MASTER ASAP

You only need Mana Ring as a prequisite for Razor Gale and Light Wave (fail). So it's optional.
You'll be able to get AR sometime in 2nd job. I recommend this. It will basically be your only single target skill. MR is pretty pwn-ful later on. When everyone has AR, you'll be able to tag everything with your quick casts. Then kill things a bit more slowly with Terra and Wind Blade

Water/Wind & Water/Electric : The common builds. These can be used to level almost everywhere. I went Water/Electric for my first sheepie~


0 - Magical Soul - Obtained
1 - Mana Arrow - 1pt
10 - Invincible Casting - 5 pts
10 - Cure - Whatever points are left
15 - Cure Lvl10 - 5 more points (Again, mastery is optional)
20 - Bottle of Mana - 2pts
20-40 - Save
40 - Mist of Mana - 4pts MASTER ASAP

Basically the same as Wind/Earth. Except, you get Mana Arrow instead
If you can, get AR. It will help yuu. But make sure to keep enough points to get Mist. MIST IS IMPORTANTSAUCE
You won't need Razor Gale until waayy later. It's a Luxury Skill. Get it when you've got your essential skills.

Fire/Earth & Fire/Electric

Fun builds. Fire is super coolio. It's got the most powerful and some of the flashiest skills in the game. This is one of the skill builds where you should have a 3:1 MA/LK build. Fire isn't the most accurate elements, even though it's really cool.

Skills These are a little complicated. It depends solely on your choice of Soul Master or Witch.

0 - Magical Soul - Obtained
1 - Mana Arrow - 1pt (Fire/Electric Soul & Dark/Light Hybrid Sheepiess) Main lvling skill.
10 - Invincible Casting - 5 pts
10 - Cure - Whatever points are left
15 - Cure Lvl10 - 5 more points (Mastering optional)
20 - Bottle of Mana - 2pts
20-40 - Save
40 - Mist of Mana - 4pts MASTER ASAP

These are hard to explain. Uhm.... Okays.
For earth sheepies, some skills are un-needed. They're what we call "Luxury Skills"
Summon Boulder, for example. It's basically a waste of TM points and MP. If you're going to be a hybrid sheepie, meaning you will go Witch, don't get Mana Ring.

Electric sheepies need Mana Arrow to survive. I know this from experience. When you get to high levels, you'll find that alot of things are Electric/Fire resistant. This means that you'll have to resort to using AR on everything. It's also a prerequisite for Staff of Thunder.
Same with Hybrid sheeps. Mana Arrow Lv10 is a prequisite for all your good skills. As a light sheep , you won't even need Light Wave. It only hits monsters that are in a row. No point in getting that

So....I just realized that you need mana ring to get incinerate and phoenix rising. Does anybody know if phoenix rising is a good skill? It seems like something worth getting. PM me

IGN: Fantasia: Zei, Lunarii, Abandon Jewelia: Nukleer (i made a new nooby sheep )

You've been planning for this starting from Day 1 as a sheepie. It's finally hear~! You get your brand new shiny shiny shiny 2nd job skills~~~



You won't need plvling anymore. By nao, you've got a good MR hit and run habit.

TM lvl - Skill Name - Pts used

55 - Seal of Wind/Seal of Wind - 0pts
55- Wind Blade first. Always learn wind blade first and master ASAP. It tends to fail at lower levels. - 2pts
57-75 - Master Wind Blade, then get Cleaving Terra and master
60-ish? - Master AR
75-120 - Save. Master Skills. Get what you need for 3rd job.

Bolster Ballad - Good Skill. Luxury Skill
Whirlwind - Luxury Skill. It's nice for bossing. Get it when you can
Don't get any of the other Earth skills. They're either glitched or useless. The only monster I know that uses Earth skills are Arachne. You won't even train on those. Earth Shield will be useless.

Water/Wind & Water/Electric

Ready for some super duper pwning?


55 - Seal of Water &Seal of Wind/Seal of Electric - 0pts
55 - Master Wind Blade ASAP. If you're going Water/Electric, whatever you want. Doesn't make much of a difference - 2pts
55 - 90? - Electroshock is a good skill. It's nice to combo with for the Trials. - 2pts
90 - 115 - Save. Master your skills. Shard of Glacier Lv10 - Too lazy to calculate
115-120 - Get used to your raw combo-ing power. Shard/Electro Combo is what got me through the trials in under 10 minutes.

Bolster Ballad - Good Skill. Luxury Skill
I didn't like Thunderbolt. It was wierd. It's fun in PvP, but still, a Luxury Skill.
Same with Icy Shackles

Fire/Electric & Fire/Earth

Here's what I've got so far


55 - Seal of Fire & Seal of Earth/Seal of Thunder - 0pts
55 - Master AR
Get either Cleaving Terra or Electro Attack - 2pts
55 - 70 - Master AR and Cleaving Terra/Electro Attack
At 70, get Scorching Earth and/or Electroshock
70-90 - Master Scorching Earth
I'm going to try getting Deadly Fen. I'm not sure it'll work, but if it really does slow monsters down, it should help alot. Deadly Fen+Scorching Earth+Cleaving Terra = PWN
90 - 120 - Master Skills. Save. SAVE. SAVE. SAVE. (SoH, Light Shield, and Mana Shield use up around 60 TM points.

This build is hard to spread out. You need MR and Mana Arrow. It's just too confusing. Hopefully, you'll know what you're going to be in 3rd job, and will be able to plan your skills from there. The only job that you'll be needing MR in is Fire/Earth Soul. Otherwise, don't get it. It won't help you.
I'll eat your face.

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