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Kukiko has much to be proud ofKukiko has much to be proud ofKukiko has much to be proud ofKukiko has much to be proud ofKukiko has much to be proud ofKukiko has much to be proud ofKukiko has much to be proud ofKukiko has much to be proud of
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I'm bored and since I'm an unofficial, unofficial member (Wait, what?) I'm gonna do this anyways 8D

LaTale IGN(s): KagamiHime
Real Name: Vivian
Nicknames: Umm...there's a lot ">.> So a few of the main ones....
Cookie, Kookie, Kuki, Kaga, Hime, Vivi
Birthday:May 29th
Messenger: I don't use it that often .__."
Err, you can ask me in-game for it if you really want it XD
Hobbies: Reading manga and books, writing, drawing, watching anime, playing video games, singing.
Timezone/Place: -8 (British Columbia, Canada)
Favourites: I like sweet foods, shiny objects and most things from the Japanese culture ( I blame my aunt and uncle for the last one. They live in Japan and whenever they visited they brought stuff back from there, which started my interest )
Dreams/ Future Goals: I honestly don't know. Maybe something art/graphic related but it will take me a couple years of more practice and maybe classes till I can get good enough I think....
Bio/ Other things about you: In real life I'm rather shy or quiet if I'm not bothered by anyone. Somehow a doctor thought that I was depressed and emotionless just because I didn't know how to answer her questions ">.>
If I'm with my friends I talk more and become more sarcastic too.
And if you give me too much sugar, I get hyper. Really, really hyper (I freaked out my older cousins once cause I had too much sugar, hahaha)
My personality is really weird, and it is majorly effected by the people around me. So, don't get on my bad side. People who get on my bad side have a tendency of running away in the other direction as soon as I look at them. (Cause I glare at them as soon as I see them)

I can talk a lot on the internet, to the point of driving my friends insane sometimes. But it's probably because I can never find the right words when I'm talking to people in real life.

And one last thing, I don't have social problems despite my strange personality ^^

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