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Toke me a while to think of which topic to necro and i chose this one :D
LaTale IGNs: Creed (main er well using him less now... a lot less) Trulyworth

Real Name:Eh? Cornelius Vital. Make fun of my name i dare ya to. (no really, i want to see if someone will come up with anything original for my name.)

Nicknames:Ehehehehe, i'll just use my main nicknames.... Creedo, Tane, Corn, Croixbaby, lyncro (Damn love of Ar Tone getting me odd names) Redei, forgetful pudding, and lastly for the main used ones. Creden

Birthday:March, 9

Messenger:...... dont have one, still considering getting one....maybe wont....

Hobbies:Haiku's, reading manga and fantasy books, poems, writing stories,ANIME!

Timezone/Place:OGP time, that should be enough. (Portland, Oregon)

Favourites:Currently im in love with the song Brave New World.

Dreams/ Future Goals:...........I got none, i dont know..... I guess try and become a writer.

Bio/Other things about you: Like Marigold I am deathly shy in life (fellow class mates think im mute, it's awesome i tell ya) and will be shy online if there are a lot of people. I have the oddest ideas when i let my mind wonder and I am an RPG fanatic... as in i would kill for a good one. A phrase that would represent me.... well its not a phrase but more my saying in life. "A single instance and i could lose life, so until then i will enjy it to the fullest."

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