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lol i have 6 badges o3o my pokemans
are umm lv 40 Torterra (Ruu) lv 34 Luxray (Slinky) lv 32 Staravia (Bird) lv 35 Floatzel (Ruri) lv 36 Houndoom (OxyMoron) lv 34 Gallade (Ruru)
i suck at leveling my pokemans hurhurhur thats why my rival and Gym leaders kick my butt so bad
Yoru Get a Floatzel they are nice water types o3o

im currently abusing Rileys Healings and level haxing in the Iron island lulz
PS:i dont like Golbats :<
also 4th Badge worst pain in the butt ever D<
she killed my whole team with lucario 10+ times until i bothered too lvl up my houndour/houndoom so it could fire blast it on the first strike -.-
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