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This might be a lame one , since my brain is partially dead , all the illnesses im having probably burned them up = =.

"Wild Goose" Chase ,Basically one person is a "Goose" and the rest just have to chase him and SS and post it in the forums(make sure u highlight over the char to prove it's really him/her).Maybe Yuki should create a Wild Goose Hunt thread XD , and a random target will be picked =3?

It might sound a little unfair for those who don't even forum though =x. As stupid as it is, alot of money is sure to be spent just to run around and hide from people. We'll play on a first come first serve basis too =3 First to post wins, but i have no idea about the prizes yet.

==Hiding in MyCamp/MyShop is not allowed LOL==

Off topic: If anyone still needs Greeting Cards for White Day event , pls look me up on MSN =3= or put an off topic reply in your post so i'll know

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