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I've played kLT before, I was a Lv. 28-ish (Don't remember) Warrior [Spear-user]. Back then I didn't even know about 2nd class. >_>; But what I'm wondering is.. if I'm a spear user and want to be a Blader wouldn't that mess up the 'blader' build? Since they can Dual-wield, and I doubt its Dual-spear. >_>; Which would be fun to see tho.
Btw nice guide. :3

I think I noticed a type :O
'Reasoning behind all builds: Since 2nd job change is at level 80, you do not have enough skill points to aquire every skill. So you must take sacrifices to attain in my views necissary skills *many of the passive ones*. You can go ahead and get every active attack skill if you wish, but you overall damage will be lower per skill use for all of them.'

Isn't it neccessary? :>

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